Alexandros Nammos

CEO and Product Architect

“Let's make some magic...”

Alexandros Nammos is a Cretan – Cypriot entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Momentum™. He is responsible for maintaining the vision and operational direction of the company and serves on the panel of senior directors. Alexandros also maintains a proactive position in the design element of the product, marketing and sales strategy as well as the end – to – end management of the supply chain.

Alexandros graduated from 6th High School of Patra and subsequently studied product design, gemmology, jewellery making production methods (ancient and modern techniques), architecture, business studies, new technologies, sustainable and renewable energy sources, as well as sales and marketing strategies.

“We are working on projects that will capture the imagination of even the most selective tastes. For us, it’s not just about putting stones on metal so people can look good. Although we do that well, we are more than that. Momentum™ honours individuality, creativity and passion. We don’t just make jewellery; we create art which forms a natural extension of your body that tells a story about you…”

Alexandros Nammos
Co – Founder | CEO