Karolos Maridakis

Chief Design Officer

“Design is the music eyes can hear…”

Karolos Maridakis is a Cretan – Cypriot industrial and product designer. He is the Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Momentum™, overseeing the delivery of all graphic design and innovation aspects of the company’s products and services. His team is responsible for the industrial design of the products, architectural design, user experience design, packaging design and marketing graphics, which are created using state of the art software technologies, including 3D modelling techniques.

Karolos graduated from 6th High School of Patra and subsequently studied 3D design, graphic design, photo – video editing, web design, and motion graphic design applications.

“Designing luxury goods is like composing music. Each piece has its own meaning and special rhythm. At Momentum™ we create music for your body that everyone can hear, but no one will forget…”

Karolos Mr
Co – Founder | CDO